Join my 2-week poetry class & workshop

Hello everyone – I’m offering a poetry workshop through Shape & Flow Writing in Louisville. I hope to have the chance to work with you. Here is the announcement:

Beginning Thursday, March 12, from 6 to 8:30, poet and college instructor Michael Jackman will lead a two-session poetry workshop. Read, write and explore poetry! Increase your understanding and competence with the poetic form, as Michael guides you in an exploration of contemporary poems. You’ll create a poem and participate in peer commentary with other aspiring poets.The workshop will expand your understanding of what poetry is and can do.

Michael Jackman received his MFA in poetry from Spalding University. He is a Senior Lecturer in Writing at Indiana University Southeast and has for many years taught creative writing courses and running workshops. A published writer, his poems have found homes in The Louisville Review, Poetica, New Sound, Jewish Currents, The Thomas Merton Seasonal and other magazines. He also directs The Writers Workshop Project.

Pre-registration is required for this two-session workshop. Cost is $60 for both sessions. E-mail kimberly crum via

sunday doggerel

keeps me in poetry practice when there’s little time to write –

When Elli Dyson died
her funeral was sad.
Though her family tried
no mourners were to be had.
When the hearse her casket took
where were her friends that day?
All on facebook,
“liking” the news she’d passed away.


A simple vegan diet
Is very good to eat
So long as you try it
With a large helping of meat

music weekend

Gasp. My Snark clip on tuner battery died! Not that I really need it, but it’s so damn useful on those days when my ears insist on hearing things a little sharper. A trip to Home Depot was in the cards anyway for weather stripping (¡¡¡frost warning this weekend in New Albany!!!), but then I pulled the wrong batteries off the shelf – CR2025s instead of CR2032s. So disappointed, and then looked in my writing desk drawer – and I had a spare CR2032 all along. Definitely a day Snark won. But now I have my tuner back.

typewriter maintenance day

Bugging me for months. Sticky keys on the Olivetti finally solved thanks to finding a repair note on google letting us know the bottom pops off. Spraying isopropyl on the linkages removed the gunk that some poor soul added thinking it makes the keys work better to oil them – it doesn’t. New ribbon, no sticky keys (but the stubborn “5”) and I was inspired to write a letter to a friend just home from jail after a terrible misunderstanding. Now, fresh pages, dark black ribbon, cleaned rollers, and no sticky keys – and I can’t wait to type some of the novel as soon as I can get to it.

lucky 13

The fall submission blitz has begun for me – as of today i have 13 subs out, including 4 poetry book prize submissions and 1 chapbook prize submissions. More to go – keep you informed here. Last fall I ended up as second place in the Raynes Poetry Prize judged by Joan Larkin. Hope this fall is as good or better. But you never know.