I’ll be appearing as a featured storyteller on Kentucky Homefront radio show – tickets available

I’m excited to be the featured story teller on the Kentucky Homefront Radio Show, which will be recorded live in Louisville, KY on Sunday, April 2, 2017. Two shows will be taped that night. My friend and talented writer Bob Sachs will also be a featured storyteller. I’ll be performing during the second show.

The first show will be a tribute to Bob Dylan, and the second, to Leonard Cohen, two great songwriter/poets we lost recently.

Free Workshop on Black-Out/Erasure Poetry + Art

If you’re in the area – The Clarksville Public Library asked me to give a workshop on Black-Out Poetry + Art – It’ll be ton’s of fun. Don’t forget to register online (see link).

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Join IUS Senior Lecturer in English Michael Jackman as he shares his expertise in Black Out or Erasure poetry, which is a form of found poetry that is created by erasing words from an existing text and creating a poem. This can be achieved by simply marking through lines of text or by creating artwork around the text you wish to keep to create your poem. Mr. Jackman will teach what we need to know to create a poem and you create the art around it.

The event is free and open to the public. Registration is required. Visit jefflibrary.org, Events Calendar for more information.


Clarksville Library Black Out Poetry Flyer

Found on MixCloud – Subterranean Phrases Spoken Word & Music Improv

Okay, so this is pretty neat. I was searching the Web for info for my annual report at IU Southeast (performances, press, and such), and found a podcast of a poetry spoken word and music improv performance I did in October, 2013, for the Subterranean Phrases series at the Decca Restaurant in Louisville, KY.

9 October 2013: Poet Michael Jackman with Ryan McCaslin, trumpet and Matt Taylor, keys.

Roll on through the day with this rocker hit

This Credence Clearwater Revival composition created one of most memorable and famous opening riffs of a rock/pop instant classic. I’m talking about “Proud Mary” of course, and the lyrics evoke coming of age while working one’s way down the river in a modern, adult version of Huck Finn.

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