This semester’s top style bombs from student papers that made me sad

I had a lot of decent writers this semester in freshman composition, but I did have a number of writers whose cliché-riddled, poorly spelled and punctuated, and illogical efforts made me sad. Here are the top bombs I tried to defuse this fall:

  • “One of the sources I found for my research paper was…”
  • “I found a couple good quotes from this article…”
  • “Cancer has became an overwhelming topic among the society of people today
    curresigning inside of North America.”
  • “Looking at one more source for my research paper I used one to…”
  • “In this next source that I found which is called, it talks about…”
  • “This article was also well organized in my opinion. I thought it was nice how the writer started the direct points she wanted to get across with bullet points and if she wanted to comment on something about it she would start on a different line.”
  • This article seemed reliable to me and trustworthy because it was written last year which was recent so all the facts should be close to the same since it was not written that long ago…”
  • “To me this source seems reliable because it sounds like the writer knew what she was talking about…”
  • “ was a very good cite to use. It took me to these topics that you could click on a find out what the pros and cons of using medical Marijuana with each topic was such as using Marijuana for cancer symptoms. Also when I found the information I wanted to use this website had all their information cited in parenthesis and italics, this made me very confident that the
    information I was using is correct.”
  • “Immigration affects the united states in many ways, and the lives of immigrants.”
  • “Have you ever looked down at your phone to type a message, isn’t it the quickest way to send a conversation to a person? Well I have, and there are great advantages to this, and there are also disadvantages that not only have effected society, but teenagers. Is texting a efficient way to communicate and write a fluent message, or does it make the English language seem unsophisticated. In detail texting is effecting teen literacy, and communication skills.”

All in all, it wasn’t a bad semester, with most of the class improving and just a few students whose learning previous to entering college did not result in being prepared for the freshman writing classroom.

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