road trip: I married the dugans

It was an epic 1,003 mile road trip (with all due diligence, social distancing, masking, gloving, handwashing and other care) Sarah, Theo and I took, to help these two beautiful people, my awesome sister-out-law Maryann Dugan and her equally beloved and awesome life-partner Carly Dugan née Mandeville, become one married couple??.

And it was a chance to write: the ceremony, the words which brought laughter and tears. Writing that matters, that changes lives. I often feel my poems, even when published, are not read, do not matter. But it mattered to read the carefully crafted speech that ended with these happy words:

“by the authority vested in me as an ordained minister of the Church of the Open Road, and granted to me by the laws of New Hampshire.”

Officiating the wedding of Maryann and Carly Dugan.
Officiating the wedding of Maryann and Carly Dugan.

And together with Maestro Theo, we performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version) on ukuleles for the newlydugans.

Theo and I perform "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on ukuleles for the newlyweds.

Life has a way of unexpectedly opening up new paths and opportunities, of varying from our plans, doesn’t it? And now I did this new thing I never even conceived I’d be doing!

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