About Molly’s Mutts

About Molly’s Mutts

Who are Molly’s Mutts?

Molly’s Mutts is a versatile trio based in Louisville, KY, playing acoustic folk, Americana, roots, traditional, old-timey and original tunes. A performance of their eclectic mix of vocal and instrumental acoustic music mights include fiddle tunes, Tin Pan Alley, Doc Watson, Gillian Welch, Hank Williams, Sr., country blues and original songs.

Molly's Mutts
Molly’s Mutts features Molly McCormack (dulcimers, vocals), Michael Jackman (guitar, ukulele, dobro, vocals) and David Rodger (stand-up bass)
Molly McCormack
Molly McCormack

Molly McCormack

(dulcimers, guitar, vocals) has played and performed on the dulcimer for almost 30 years. She has been a featured performer at Kentucky Music Weekend, and many other folk festivals.

Michael, playing guitar; his dog Monty looks on
Michael poses for a music publicity photo; his dog Monty looks on.

Michael Jackman

(guitar, ukulele, dobro, vocals) has studied piano, clarinet, flute, and music composition, but his first love was guitar, especially the 1970s Guild D35 acoustic he has been playing since he was a teenager. He performed in small venues in and around New York and kicked around Nashville’s music scene for a while before moving to Louisville. He loves playing with Molly’s Mutts!


(stand-up bass) has been a publisher and editor for over 30 years. These days, semi-retired, he also enjoys making pots and playing music with friends.

Enjoy the music!

Molly’s Mutts jams to “Roly-Poly” by Bob Wills. Michael swings on lead and vocals.

Molly’s Mutts plays a traditional tune, “Cold Frosty Morn.” Brrrr. You can feel the cold air in the tune. Molly’s featured on dulcimer and vocals.

We have so much fun whenever we play Mel Tillis’ “I Ain’t Never.” Molly & Michael blend their harmonies and Michael picks rockabilly.

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