Found on MixCloud – Subterranean Phrases Spoken Word & Music Improv

Okay, so this is pretty neat. I was searching the Web for info for my annual report at IU Southeast (performances, press, and such), and found a podcast of a poetry spoken word and music improv performance I did in October, 2013, for the Subterranean Phrases series at the Decca Restaurant in Louisville, KY. 9 October 2013: Poet Michael Jackman...

Roll on through the day with this rocker hit

This Credence Clearwater Revival composition created one of most memorable and famous opening riffs of a rock/pop instant classic. I’m talking about “Proud Mary” of course, and the lyrics evoke coming of age while working one’s way down the river in a modern, adult version of Huck Finn.

This song has a mystic beauty that never gets old

With a beautiful guitar strum and an R&B melody to roll us on ocean waves, “Into the Mystic” is Van Morrison’s poem about returning to a loved one. I had to cover this, as it’s one of Sarah’s favorites.

listen to my “Who’ll Stop the Rain” cover

Jon Fogarty/Creedence Clearwater Revival Covered by Michael Jackman vocal + guitar (1970 Guild D35) + ipad Garage Band, + Clip ends & fade out with Audacity. Enjoy!   Check out my playlist on Soundcloud: