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why read Jewish poetry?

That’s the title of my “OpEd” piece, which you can read in Louisville’s Community newspaper. The article grew out of a Zoom talk I gave to Louisville’s Temple Shalom. I […]

Youtube: Michael Jackman demos a partial capo

new video: I demo a partial capo

This video demonstrates my new gadget, a Shubb partial capo. I’m using it to play, “The Devil Had a Hold on Me” by Gillian Welch. It’s a song my trio, […]

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Michael, playing guitar; his dog Monty looks on

“Paper Wings” (Gillian Welch) Cover

Here’s a track I forgot I had. Recorded a couple of years ago at TNT Studios in Louisville. Personnel: The Bourbon Sidecars with: Michael Jackman (acoustic, acoustic lead, vocal), Erich Stem (fiddle), and Tim Haertel (upright bass). Added some photos of pre-pandemic music life because I miss it so much....

A little advice on poem titles

I think poets should avoid certain kinds of titles. Particularly one-word titles such as, for example, “Claustrophobia” or “Illness.” Now, not all one-word titles are a problem. I mean the kind that explain or broadcast the poem’s “theme” to the reader. By “theme” in this case I don’t mean literary...

poems are not school papers

So many of my intro to creative writing students can’t get out of the habit of writing poems like papers, planning a “topic,” and outlining the “points” they want to make. They think of poems as “meanings” decorated with pretty, poetic language. No! The purpose of a poem is to...

“Dead Flowers” Cover

My carpal tunnel release surgery has healed enough so I’m ready to start playing music again. So here’s a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers.” It fit my mood after a long, draining day of virtual teaching college students, and didn’t strain the surgical scar with any hard bar...

Ripening Blackberries Make Wild Magic on the Homestead

Six years ago this month, we closed the contract on our house and moved to our newly mortgaged homestead of about two acres of field and forest. Sarah quickly discovered thorny blackberry bushes growing on a rise behind the house. What a treat they’ve been. This year, they’ve sprung up...