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Youtube: Michael Jackman demos a partial capo

new video: I demo a partial capo

This video demonstrates my new gadget, a Shubb partial capo. I’m using it to play, “The Devil Had a Hold on Me” by Gillian Welch. It’s a song my trio, Molly’s Mutts, is adding to our set list. Enjoy the demo. Use the contact menu if you have any questions or comments.

Podcast: Arranging “Won’t Get Fooled Again” for Americana/Roots

In today’s video podcast, I show you where I’m at so far in the process of arranging the Who’s rock classic “Won’t Get Fooled Again” to a more Americana/Roots style. Check out my progress, as I explain and play through the decisions I’m making for working up this tune to fit my playing and singing style. If you liked this...

Roll on through the day with this rocker hit

This Credence Clearwater Revival composition created one of most memorable and famous opening riffs of a rock/pop instant classic. I’m talking about “Proud Mary” of course, and the lyrics evoke coming of age while working one’s way down the river in a modern, adult version of Huck Finn.

This song has a mystic beauty that never gets old

With a beautiful guitar strum and an R&B melody to roll us on ocean waves, “Into the Mystic” is Van Morrison’s poem about returning to a loved one. I had to cover this, as it’s one of Sarah’s favorites.