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Michael Jackman
Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, & Poet

Category: music

i’m a guitarist, vocalist, and flautist. Music is a huge part of my life, so enjoy!

Michael plays mandolin in home studio

New Video: “Mr. Spaceman” on guitar and mandolin

I recorded this favorite song of mine especially as a thank you to new subscribers to my Youtube channel. It was great for me to work on, too – Roger McGuinn’s 12-string electric solo works perfectly on the mandolin, so I got to add one of my favorite instruments! If...

Youtube: Michael Jackman demos a partial capo

new video: I demo a partial capo

This video demonstrates my new gadget, a Shubb partial capo. I’m using it to play, “The Devil Had a Hold on Me” by Gillian Welch. It’s a song my trio, Molly’s Mutts, is adding to our set list. Enjoy the demo. Use the contact menu if you have any questions...

Michael, playing guitar; his dog Monty looks on

performance: John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery”

I uploaded a remix today. My performance of John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery” with the addition of a new cello track. The trio features me on acoustic guitar/vocals, Andy Mosholder on cello, and Aaron Lambert on cahon/percussion. Andy, of Harper’s Ferry, VA, arranged the cello part. I’m grateful for my...

Michael, playing guitar; his dog Monty looks on

“Paper Wings” (Gillian Welch) Cover

Here’s a track I forgot I had. Recorded a couple of years ago at TNT Studios in Louisville. Personnel: The Bourbon Sidecars with: Michael Jackman (acoustic, acoustic lead, vocal), Erich Stem (fiddle), and Tim Haertel (upright bass). Added some photos of pre-pandemic music life because I miss it so much....

“Dead Flowers” Cover

My carpal tunnel release surgery has healed enough so I’m ready to start playing music again. So here’s a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers.” It fit my mood after a long, draining day of virtual teaching college students, and didn’t strain the surgical scar with any hard bar...

Molly’s Mutts Plays Rockabilly: Mel Tillis’ “I Ain’t Never”

Molly’s Mutts rocks to Mell Tillis’ “I Ain’t Never” during a practice session in David’s living room. Enjoy! Molly’s Mutts is Molly McCormack (dulcimers, guitar, vocals), Michael Jackman (guitars, ukulele, dobro, vocals), and David Rodger (stand up bass). Check out Molly’s Mutts jamming to Bob Wills’ “Roly Poly.”