enjoyed reading at the Tim Faulkner Gallery

Thanks to Selena McCracken and the IU Southeast English Club for arranging the Kentuckiana Poetry Festival reading last night at the Tim Faulkner Gallery, and also allowing me to play some guitar as well. I hear it will be broadcast on WXOX 97.1 FM Louisville.

My poetry/music set:

  1. “Who’ll Stop the Rain?” – Dan Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater Revival
  2. “Big Yellow Taxi” – Joni Mitchell
  3. “DDT, or A Psalm to dichloro-diphenyl tri-chloroethane” – Jackman
  4. “Bat Houses” – Jackman
  5. “Mame” – Razjel Zychlinsky – in Yiddish and then in English
  6. “Yeshiva Students Kicked Off Baseball Field, Forest Park, Queens, Circa 1981” – Jackman
  7. “Blackout” – Jackman
  8. Mantua, 1606” – Jackman (Published – Jewish Currents, runner up Raynes Poetry Prize)
  9. “Letter from Spickert Knob” – Jackman
  10. “How the Rain” – Jackman

kentuckiana poetry fest 2016-04-28 01kentuckiana poetry fest 2016-04-28 02

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