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Michael Jackman
Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, & Poet

Author: Michael Jackman

Michael plays mandolin in home studio

New Video: “Mr. Spaceman” on guitar and mandolin

I recorded this favorite song of mine especially as a thank you to new subscribers to my Youtube channel. It was great for me to work on, too – Roger McGuinn’s 12-string electric solo works perfectly on the mandolin, so I got to add one of my favorite instruments! If...

White Mountains, New Hampshire

Poetry Podcast: “Stopping by Woods”

A short poetry podcast by yours truly that I think you’ll really enjoy. I take a nice, easy dive down into one of Robert Frost’s poems to show some of the cool inner workings. This was fun for me to do. I got to write the script, do the recording...

Youtube: Michael Jackman demos a partial capo

new video: I demo a partial capo

This video demonstrates my new gadget, a Shubb partial capo. I’m using it to play, “The Devil Had a Hold on Me” by Gillian Welch. It’s a song my trio, Molly’s Mutts, is adding to our set list. Enjoy the demo. Use the contact menu if you have any questions...

the smell of apples fills the house

Two crock pots simmer away through the night. Since I’m the one who gets up every two or three hours while Sarah lies curled in sweet oblivion, I’m the stirrer. Apple butter in the final stages. Yesterday, a morning taken for apple picking in Kentucky – a natural orchard in...

why read Jewish poetry?

That’s the title of my “OpEd” piece, which you can read in Louisville’s Community newspaper. The article grew out of a Zoom talk I gave to Louisville’s Temple Shalom. I want to thank Lee Chottiner, editor, for publishing the piece. I also want to thank Rabbi Jacowitz Chottiner of Temple...

here’s a teaching playlist on Youtube for you

I just put up a new Youtube playlist: “Teaching Podcasts by Michael Jackman, Poet and Teacher.” There, you can watch videos I’ve made about poetry, teaching poetry, and teaching in general. If there’s something you’d like me to talk about, contact me.