getting tarnish on the fingers

Guitar CornerAfter playing the flute again yesterday I pitied my poor 1970 Guild D-35 sitting in our “guitar corner” gathering dust for a few weeks – this absolutely wonderful acoustic that I had rebuilt a few years ago, that I bought with Bar Mitzvah money 45 years ago when I was 13, with it’s great varied intonation…we missed each other, so while Sarah Dugan worked hard on her facebook updates in her livingroom corner office, I grabbed the guitar and sat on the couch tinkering around with it. Before any time had past I was lost in airy extended major chords, riffs, playing around with 5/4 time, which Sarah really dug. Then I closed the session with one of the first songs I learned for her, “Winter’s Come and Gone” by Gillian Welch. Always nice to get tarnish on my fingers and keep the calluses hard. It makes any day worthwhile.

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