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Michael Jackman
Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, & Poet

poetry podcasts

Frost’s “Stopping by Woods” – A little deeper into the woods

A short poetry podcast by yours truly that I think you’ll really enjoy. I take a nice, easy dive down into one of Robert Frost’s poems to show some of the cool inner workings.

From my Youtube “Teaching Podcasts” channel

These videos are great for anyone wanting to get more out of poetry. Also check out my Poetry Lessons page and some of my own published work featured on the My Poetry page.

A very popular podcast with my students about the best way to think about language when writing poetry.
What is “Writing the Erotic”? Here’s a deeper dive into the possibilities, with examples.
A “quick hit” podcast – a brief introduction to radical poetic forms for those who wonder what lies beyond lyric and formal free verse poems.

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